There’s never been anything like Dreamsinger before: a graphic novel narrative that stretches the bounds of inner and outer space, interwoven with almost 100 songs that blow your mind & move your soul. Over many episodes, like an ascending spiral, the story explores the spaces between our subconscious, conscious and superconscious states of mind.



A multitude of heroes and villains populate this tale of power and love that begins with the rise to fame of a Aboriginal singer-songwriter, follows the romance between the son of a Tea Party Evangelist from Nebraska and a hippie chick from another planet, and by Episode 8 has us on the edge of galactic warfare. As well as dealing with profound philosophical and psychological themes, the Dreamsinger series tackles many social issues that are part of the contemporary Zeitgeist: the military-industrial complex, racism, the spread of unfettered corporatism and the proliferation of religious extremism.

Each graphic novel comes with USB drive of the songs, powerfully sung by each of the characters represented in the story. Composer Matt Maxwell employs whatever musical style best conveys the character of the protagonist and his or her mood at any given point in the narrative arc – pop, hip-hop, folk rock, jazz, metal, neo-disco: it’s all here.

We are now developing a digital version of Dreamsinger that will integrate graphics, animation, audio, video & gaming…all in one package!